About Us

Our Company:
BrickForceOne is a company that designs, produces, and sells (mostly) military equipment build out of genuine LEGO(r) pieces. The company was initiated in 2008 by Thomas Kuperus, by combining the words ”Bricks” with ”Air Force One”, coincidentally in the same way Ole Kirk Christiansen combined ”Leg” and ”Godt” to form ”LEGO” in 1958, exactly 50 years earlier. The site was established in October 2014. BrickForceOne focuses mainly on Colllectors, AFOLS (Adult Fans Of LEGO), and (former) Military Personnel.

Our Team:
Our personnel is always happy to receive suggestions for anything, from site performance to new releases. Also we appreciate apt criticism, so we know whether or not we did something wrong, and if so, we’ll do everything we can to correct the mistake. We will always look at the comments and remarks sent by our customers and visitors.

BrickForceOne is an independent subcompany of eBricks.

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